Car Seat Warmer

Winter sets in each year opening the cycle of snow and temperatures that drop well below -30 where I reside. When I was younger, I welcomed the season change as twinkling lights would pop out all through the neighborhoods reflecting more light at night from clean white glittering snow filling me with a sense of joy.

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Gnawing pain began to invade my inner sense of tranquility as temperatures began to plunge a few years ago. Not knowing what was wrong I discussed this with my doctor, he informed me I had arthritis. After rounds of medication, I picked up a heated blanket to soothe my aching bones in the winter. Quickly I discovered comfort in the form of heat.

Getting up and scraping my car every morning before work from the snow-crusted ice that covered the windshield is a miserable task, especially while the car is warming up. Climbing into my car and sitting inside of this cold tin-can while it was warming up aggravated my pain every day.

Reasons to Purchase a Car Seat Warmer:Living in a cold climate North of the 53rd parallel is hard on your vehicle and even harder on your body. The option of creating a comfort and shielding yourself from the cold to reduce symptoms of arthritic pain is possible with a car seat warmer.

Image result for Car Seat WarmerThe benefits of a car seat warmer:-Heats up almost instantly.-Soothes aches from Arthritis.-Soothes muscle pain.-Keeps you warm as your vehicle warms up.-Safe to use as they have safety requirement regulations that must be met (if purchased locally).-Warms up the interior of your vehicle.-Powered by plugging into your lighter DC outlet.-Washable.-Made in a variety of colors to enhance the look of your seats.-Move the warmer to another vehicle (if they are not factory made into your seat).-No more freezing while car or truck warms up.-Sturdy and elevates your body slightly for a better view of the road.-Affordable comfort.-Enhances your sense of well-being in the cold.-Give as a gift for any reason or season.-Low energy consumption.-Will not kill your vehicle battery.-Easy to install.-Rapid heat-up.-Usually come with a warranty.-Use in boat, RV, or even a motorcycle.-Use to relieve menstrual cramps (I have, it works great).-Use at any time of the year.-Comforts sore backs.-Relieves arthritis pain in hips.-Purchase in various sizes for men, women, and children.-Offers additional lumbar support.-Home adapters are available, if you purchase an after factory car seat warmer.-Makes you feel relaxed.-Eliminates back tiredness and soreness.

In Closing:Car seat warmers can be custom built into your seat, purchased individually or ordered as a factory direct request from the dealer as a condition of the vehicle.

Personally, I love having the option of toting my car seat warmer into work with me as I purchased an adapter for it. I can plug it in and enjoy the warm waves through my body as the office door opens and sends a chill through the room. When I am not feeling well I read a book in my car and place it on my abdomen to comfort cramps and even shoulder pain.

Car warmers are not just for your derriere; they reduce stress and offer an option of pampering one while not in your home. Try one today!